Guatemala Inspired Canvas Tote Bag

Inspired by the shipping marks artwork on 153 pound bags of green coffee from Guatemala.

Perfect for a visit to the Farmers Market, this super sturdy tote bag is built to carry all your coffee related items.

I like to imagine I’m strolling through Chichicastenango Market in the Highlands of Guatemala with my guide Oscar Leonel Algua Perez whenever I use this indestructible bag!

This has got to be the most Meta Design we’ve ever come up with.

Olive knocked the artwork out of the park.
Union Press in Kansas City, Kansas rolled these out in a flash.

Guatemala Inspired Canvas Tote Bag


Each Tote Bag in your order is the same as a bag of coffee when calculating the shipping cost
Shipping Breakdown:

1-4 bags = $9.00

5-8 bags = $14.00

9-12 bags = $19.00

13-16 bags = $24.00

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